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22 January 2012

Where to begin when I have so much to talk about, I have recently won a BlackBerry 9860torch, my first smartphone. I'm now thinking of developing a mobile version of my website. I'm typing this entry from it now, the touch screen takes some getting used to as I have fat fingers and keep pushing the wrong buttons. I have been really busy this past two weeks with a bespoke insurance based website, possibly the largest bespoke php, mysql and smarty web application to date that I've developed so far, I still have several days of work left to get to beta testing.

Furthermore I have decided that 2012 is going to be the year that I move back to south africa, I am so homesick at the moment, it is very scary.

The webhosting is really taking off, the freelancing is happening fast and my google adds are also starting to generate a sustainable revenue.

Jack of all trades, it's a scary term for most, but I really believe that to be a successful Freelance web developer, you've got to be flexible, adaptable and knowledgeable in all areas of web project management and development.

I also managed to do a podcast for a change, go over to to listen of download it. Playlisted on KakPot#5 are Auriol Hays, Stephen, The Brothers Goodkat and Michael Naranjo and Jon Delinger with their new band The Gost Riders.

Well I geuss that is all I have been up to over the past few weeks, so from your multy talented London based web developer and enthusiast, Ron Darby.