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Smarty Development in Cape Town

Thursday 18 April

So it has been a very long time since I created any new entries, did anything on a personal level or blogged. That is because I have been very busy. I've moved to Cape Town, I've gotten a permanent job as a PHP Developer, smarty 2 and smarty 3 development skills really coming into usage here.

So where is here, PayFast, living and loving it!!! I've been here...>>>>>>read more


Sunday 22 January

Where to begin when I have so much to talk about, I have recently won a BlackBerry 9860torch, my first smartphone. I'm now thinking of developing a mobile version of my website. I'm typing this entry from it now, the touch screen takes some getting used to as I have fat fingers and keep pushing the wrong buttons. I have been really busy this past two weeks with a bespoke insurance based website, possibly the largest bespoke...>>>>>>read more

WHMCS Smarty

Sunday 1 January

It's a new year, one that will bring bigger and better things my way is the hope. So my website has been doing very well with certain keywords, smarty development, WHMCS development and london freelancer. Search engine optimising isn't an overnight science, developing a successfull strategy has taken a long time.

Last year was great in that I got to create several bespoke cms websites, worked on three different...>>>>>>read more